Ultraline™ 4600 HRCmax Bolt-Slot ceiling suspension with a 9/16” narrow face and 1/8" reveal significantly diminish the distinction between grid and panel creating a monolithic ceiling. The slender center regress and crisply mitered intersections result in flawless and continuous lines. The narrow profile accepts light fixtures and air diffusers as well as industry standard narrow reveal edge acoustical ceiling panels. Suspension is flame spread Class A and suitable for general areas. Ultraline is also ICC-ES listed for seismic applications. Popular applications include education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, airports, transit stations, galleries and offices. All Chicago Metallic stab cross tees include Quick-Click integral clips for fast and sturdy installation. Select components are available in HRCmax™ (High Recycled Content) to maximize results on sustainable construction projects. Ultraline™ 4600 HRCmax Heavy-Duty seismic ceiling suspension is made with the industry’s highest high standard recycled material content (65%) to help you maximize your LEED results.

  • ​9/16” face with 1/8” reveal.
  • All Intersections are pre mitered during production.
  • Cross Tees have stake-on end clips.
  • ICC-ES Report # 2631
  • The industry standard of compatibility: acoustical tile, light fixtures and air diffusers. 
  • Chicago Metallic suspension systems meet a Class-A flame spread rating.

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Chicago Metallic - 4600 Ultraline Series (9/16")